Time has certainly not been kind for one former presenter of the now defunct technology-based network, TechTV.

Co-host of shows like The Screen Savers, Call For Help and The Lab, Leo Laporte has faced countless accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior throughout his career. In just one example, during his tenure on ZDTV, later TechTV, Laporte was accused of sexual harassment by female co-presenter, Kate Botello, and subsequently disciplined before eventually being fired by the company.

The abusive, morally bankrupt Leo Laporte addressing his internet audience

These days the conceited, narcissistic Leo Laporte can be found lazily fronting a crumbling internet podcast network in which he exudes a barely disguised, work-shy disinterest.

More importantly, throughout this period he has continued a history of carelessly exposing his sex life on air. This behavior includes exposing his sordid "sex texts" live on air which has left him the subject of ridicule and a joke in his own industry ever since.

He is also renowned for making shockingly inappropriate, explicit sexual remarks towards men, women and children.

In 2011, Laporte secretly began an illicit affair with the book-keeper at his company, Lisa Kentzell, despite being already married for over twenty years. Shortly thereafter, and VERY curiously, this woman was promoted to the position of CEO of the company. The resulting furore, ridicule and scandal has dogged the hapless Laporte ever since. When the affair was exposed, Laporte's existing family-life was destroyed and the mental health of his eldest daughter collapsed causing her to abandon her further education and drop out of college to which she has never returned. Abby Laporte remains completely financially dependent upon her father as a result.

How an abusive womanizing sex pervert alienates his sponsor's customers:
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May 03, 2015
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On Sunday, May 24, 2015, Leo Laporte accidentally exposed himself online while broadcasting his outdated radio show "The Tech Guy." On this particular episode, Laporte was transmitting the output of his laptop computer and showing the content of his photo collection. Too late, Laporte realized this collection included both a photo of his penis, along with a candid image of his mistress asleep in bed. Watch the entire sordid incident, as it happened, here:

Following the incident, Leo Laporte showed his true character. Instead of simply apologizing, cleansing his computer and pledging to keep his sordid, sleazy, private life away from business equipment, compulsive, bare-faced liar Leo Laporte actually chose to blame his audience instead.

"It was trolls! Trolls using Photoshop!" desperately LIED Leo Laporte to a journalist investigating the incident, trying to claim that broadcast video can be edited using Adobe Photoshop. Thus by this single, shameful act of spineless, self-preservation Leo "Dick Pic" Laporte made sure that his alienated audience would remind him and his sponsors about this incident every day for the rest of his pitiful life.

Indeed, his professional reputation, such as it was, never recovered from this social faux-pas. PerezHilton.com covered the story on their site, as did Gawker.com. With breath-takingly shocking levels of arrogance, the narcissistic Leo Laporte began describing himself as a "victim of Gawker" as a result.

What sort of companies would associate their precious, valuable brands with such an infamous sex pervert and all-round sleazy individual like Leo "Dick Pic" Laporte?